Legend: Champions of Geram

Into the Darkness I

The Nobleman's Son

On their way back to the city of Telobi to sell some loot, the party came across a dead guard and a pair of wheel tracks running off the road to the north. They followed the tracks to find a stripped noble’s carriage abandoned, with more dead guards filled with arrows on the ground around it. After a thorough search of the area, the adventurers found a jeweled silver comb on the ground under a thicket. They managed to find some tracks leading away from the site, but when they tried to follow them, the tracks led to a clearing where they stopped abruptly.
Back in town, the party noticed a large crowd of mercenaries centered on the Fighter’s Guild and learned that a noble’s son had gone missing en route to town. His father was offering two gold pieces each to anyone that went to search for him. The adventurers took the opportunity to sell their hard-won weapons and armor from their wagon in the town square.
Later, Senshan Drafas, the guild leader, took Tholt aside and advised him that the noble, one Galarius Adventon, was offering a hundred gold pieces to the person that brought back his son. He gave Tholt the most likely location to find the boy and warned him that the bandits that captured him were ruthless and highly dangerous.
Apparently, he had the notion that Tholt’s company was the best bet for the Guild to recover the noble’s son quickly.



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