Sassy, savvy warrior with strange mental powers.


You don’t really notice her at first, as if she blends into the crowd, but when you do see the striking woman, you get the strange feeling you’ve met her somewhere before.
Her shaved head is the first thing you notice about Jakiri, but it’s when you meet her eyes for the first time that you really stop to pay attention. Her eyes are a pale yellow, which might be unusual but matches against her honey-toned skin in an exotic and compelling combination. She grins at you with one side of her mouth when you notice her watching you.
When she moves toward you, her movements are efficient but not graceful—it’s almost as if she doesn’t quite trust the ground underneath her. Still, she is pleasant to look at.
Up close, the magnetism she projects is even more intense, and you have trouble remembering not to stare. She stares up into your eyes and flashes you another smile, this one broad and impish. “Hello,” she chirps, and the odd lilt in her tone makes her greeting sound foreign. The playfulness, however, is perfectly clear.
Of one thing you’re sure: this girl is trouble.


Jakiri is a beautiful, mysterious woman from a faraway land. She was a princess, exiled by her sisters on pain of death, so she doesn’t talk about her home land much, but she’s eager enough to learn about the new world.
The adventurers rescued Jakiri from the clutches of the deadly giant centipede, and she’s been traveling with them ever since.


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