Character Creation

Steps for Character Creation

Note: Where a generic personal pronoun is required, we’re going with male pronouns here. Please don’t think this is an intention to denigrate the worth or individuality of male pronouns in any way. We esteem male pronouns just as much as their female counterparts… we’re just jealous with our female pronouns because they’re cuter, is all.

1. Pick a character hook or a basic concept for your character.

2. Assign Characteristic Design Points to the 7 primary attributes. Attributes have a minimum value of 6 and a maximum value of 18, for new characters, with a flat cost of 1:1. Brand-new characters start with 80 Design Points.

3. Choose a background and profession. Note the skills this grants.

4. Spend Build Points on Edges, Skills, Specializations, Combat Maneuvers, and Spells, as appropriate. If desired, take up to 50 points of Flaws to gain more points. New Advanced Skills cost 10 points to learn, and no skill may receive more than the Skill Point Cap (30 for new characters) in this phase. Brand-new characters start with 250 Build Points.

5. Pick a Virtue that confirms your character’s worth and sense of self and a Vice that connects him to his primal desires; and pick 3 Instincts that reflect his ingrained, habitual responses in specific contexts or situations. If your character is the spiritual sort, choose a concept, principle, or ideal for his Alignment.

6. Select 3 free Tag Skills that form the core of your character’s profession or vocation and 2 free Specializations that narrow down his particular interests.

7. Jot down a couple of long-term goals your character would like to achieve within the next year or two. Also, think about the kinds of short-term motivations that tend to drive him from day to day.

8. Calculate secondary attributes based on the primary attribute scores.

9. Determine the character’s starting money, based on background and profession, and spend money to pimp him out in style.
N.B. — Armor is expensive. Don’t wait until Step 9 with the assumption you’ll be able to afford it.

Character Creation

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